Katalin Varnay - Certified Public Accountant - Tax Advisor

Katalin Várnay
Katalin Várnay is German certified public accountant, German tax advisor and certified public accountant (USA title). She studied economics with major in accounting (master of business administration) in Budapest, Berlin und New Orleans. She lives and works in Hamburg since 2002, is married and has three children.
Katalin Várnay was employed by two big accounting firms in the field of auditing. She works by Doberenz und Partner since 2018, she is partner since 2019.

Her special consulting areas are auditing and preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements, issuing assurance certificates, consulting and other services in the field of finance for:

  • Public sector companies and organizations
  • Foundations, associations, non-profit organizations
  • Companies of the construction industry
  • Companies of the food industry and trade
  • Companies in international context

Email: varnay@doberenz.de

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